About David Williams & Associates

Bob Greiwe

Bob has been with David Williams & Associates since 1989. He was appointed Vice President of Sales in January 2001 and in 2015 Bob became president of the company. His immediate sales area is Southern and Western Ohio. Bob often likes to call the office and pretend he's a customer. His record is over 2 minutes before someone knew it was him.

David Williams

David Williams has been in GameTime sales since 1974. David has his degree in Parks and Recreation from Kent State University. He maintains a sales area in Northern and Eastern Ohio. If you've found a hot spot for fishing, let him know about it. Rumor has it he carries a fishing pole in the trunk of his car?



Gigi Gibson

Gigi joined the David Williams & Associates team in the fall of 2009. Her sales area covers the State of Kentucky. Gigi is excited to be a part of our team, and anixous to work with the residents in Kentucky.

Kathy Kolanko

Joining our sales team in 2006, Kathy is excited to work with David Williams & Associates's clients. Serving North Western Ohio, Kathy is excited to provide you top-notch customer service.







Grant Greiwe 

Joining our sales team in 2016, after graduating from Ball State University. Grant is currently serving South Western Ohio. He is excited to take on his new role, and ready to serve his clients with a smile.




While Dave, Bob, Kathy, Gigi and Grant are on the road working hard, our office staff is busy preparing proposals, bids and providing customer service. This valuable support staff is a key factor in the efficiency and professionalism of our company.


Donna Essick has been with the company since the beginning in 1988. Donna processes orders and submits them to our suppliers. In addition, she developes bid specs for various projects. Have a broken playground part? With her long term position, she knows our playgrounds as well as anyone. She can help you with a replacement part if you need one!

Sally Gansel joined David Williams & Associates in the middle of 2003. Sally's always busy with bids, working with Jordan. Even under a full workload, she always makes time to pull a practical joke on one of us. In addition to managing our construction reporting programs, Sally is the in-house guru of site furnishings and shelters.

Debra Maue came on board the DWA Team in April of 2015 and works as a drafter for playground proposals.

Chris Campbell joined DWA in January of 2016 and works as a project manager for playground proposals.

Neil Smith joined DWA in June of 2016 and works as a project manager for playground proposals, as well as installation scheduling.

Jordan Tallon joined DWA in September of 2016 and is our Bid Coordinator, as well as the accounting side of the business.