Climbing Rocks & Boulders

David Williams & Associates offers RockCraft Design's Climbing Boulder's as a rock climbing product for children on the playground. 

Bouldering is the latest innovation in physical exercise for parks and is helping to reshape the way children and teenagers play! 'Bouldering' on the playground promotes:

  • Improved coordination, agility and balance
  • Broad muscle development through the use of both gross and fine motor skills
  • Mental focus through exploring various routes of difficulty
  • Social and cooperative play

RockCraft’s boulders offer many ways to climb up and around each boulder enhancing each climber’s problem solving skills, sense of adventure and creativity.

The hand crafted construction allows us to offer a full range of self-draining holds including jugs, crimps, pinches, under-clings, sloppers, side-pulls, ledges and flakes. Our holds are various sizes to accommodate both novice and skilled climbers. With hundreds of holds per piece, climbers are able to fully circumnavigate the boulder and experience new challenges on every climb.


Items to get you started...