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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

GT Fit - A modern day Parcourse

Perfect for fitness trails or outdoor exercise areas including parks, schools, athletic fitness complexes, hotels and resorts.  The GT Fit products offer the four fitness elements of a well-rounded fitness program: Aerobic, Muscle and Core Fitness, along with Balance and Flexibility.  There are GTfit products that provide one or more of these fitness elements and you can combine any number of them to create a fitness park to fit your space, budget and community needs.  

Fitness Centers & Fitness Programs

Fit Kid Parallel Bars

GameTime has fitness centers that offer healthy exercise options for childern, teens and adults of all ability levels.

What is the purpose of a Fitness System? Traditional sporting equipment has always been a staple in the recreation and fitness arena. Competitive sports fosters a sense of teamwork, accomplishment, and shared goals. Fitness habits that are established at an early age will carry through into adulthood. Sporting equipment is "ageless," and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

What makes GameTime's Fitness systems different? GameTime offers a variety of products in each sporting catagory. GameTime is the exclusive provider of Parcourse fitness equipment, with fitness stations that can be installed in a specific area, or positioned in a course or track format. GameTime is also the only manufacturer to offer FitKid, fitness equipment designed for school children. FitKid also comes with an exclusive and valuable written program curriculum.

FitKidFitKid Curriculum
Curriculum Based Fitness Program - FitKid presents the first ergonomically designed fitness system created to be integrated into existing physicaleducation programs at elementary, junior high and high schools. Why FitKid by GameTime? This is the only system that provides three different equipment size and skill level options for each fitness activity. Users are encouraged to progress to the next level as they grow in size and physical competence.

Parcourse FitnessThe Original Fitness System - Parcourse by GameTime is the originator of the outdoor circuit training system in America, and since 1973, thousands have been installed throughout the world. Parcourse fitness systems were developed under the guidance of a board of professionals in the fields of cardiology, therapeutic recreation, and exercise physiology. Their expertise, and the collateral research conducted by the American Heart Association and the National Institute of Health, has allowed Par course to maintain its leadership among outdoor fitness systems. Par course systems provide a balanced approach that encompasses all aspects of physical fitness, including stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning.