ICON Shelters - Steel Frame Structures

ICON Shelters LogoICON Shelter's offering of standard shelters in one foot increments is an industry first.  Each 1' increment is a standard size and doesn't have "custom" charges applied.

With the best and most durable finish in the shelter industry, ICON think's it is easier to produce a benchmark product than it is to justify cutting corners.  Contact us to learn about the ICON E-Coating and Powdercoat Paint finishes.

More than 100 years of collective experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of shelters, ICON's staff has worked with many of the country's largest design firms for high profile projects that feature steel framed shelters, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, large recreational structures and clock towers. ICON boasts the strongest engineering team in the business. No other shelter manufacturer can promise and deliver as broad a range of products and services.

ICON Shelter Systems Inc. is capable of producing a structure that is more than just a park shelter. Many projects for public buildings contain elements that reach beyond the scope of most shelter manufacturers, and ICON has the experience and expertise to put together a complete package. From simple modifications of standard metal frame shelters to complete custom building packages, ICON can put together the components you need to meet your project specifications.

Samples of simple shelter modifications may include:

  • Design and engineering of custom foundation and slab, such as a raised platform or masonry column pedestal bases in stone, block or poured concrete.
  • Attachment of a shelter to an existing or new building to use as an entrance portico.
  • Attachment to shelter of additional equipment such as lights, fans, skylights, weather screens, water fountains, waste receptacles, seating, and lightning protection.
  • Alternative roofing products such as ceramic tile, formed metal, and split cedar shakes.


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