Playground Grant Information

Grant Info Packet:
We know that PTOs, City Parks Departments, Churches and Daycares will not always have the money readily available to build or add-on to an existing playground.  Thats why we support you in making your playground project a reality.

David Williams & Associates and GameTime can provide you with valuable tools to help you with funding. Just click the link below and we’ll send you our Grant Research Paper, which includes hotlinks to Grants that will consider playgrounds as a funding project. As part of the package you will also receive links to cooperative collections, a nationwide network of libraries, community foundations, and related agencies, with access to print and electronic resources to locate grants and grant makers.This information is categorically listed by national, regional, and state, as well as several international sources. Since this list only includes grants that will consider playground funding, we are sure you will find it extremely helpful.

How To Write a Grant:
In addition to the list of grants, ask for GameTime's Grant Writing Guide, which will help you understand what to include when writing a successful playground grant application. GameTime offers you the leading edge in play, and now we’re pleased to offer you a leading edge document to help find grant funding for your playground!

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Kentucky Playground Grants:

Crumb Rubber Grant Program
Program provides rubber mulch for playgrounds, tracks, athletic fields. Crumb Rubber, made from recycled scrap tires, is used for mulch on playgrounds to enhance durability and safety; for fitness/walking tracks; for landscaping, and on athletic fields to reduce soil degradation and increase safety benefits. The playground grants are from the Waste Tire Trust Fund, established by the 1998 Kentucky General Assembly to receive a $1 fee from each retail sale of a new tire in the state.
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Promote Health and Wellness: The foundation supports programs designed to improve overall health and reduce health disparities through prevention, cultural competency, timely immunizations, and wellness initiatives. Giving primarily in areas of company operations, including KY, OH.
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Anne Stamm Avian Education Fund (Funding Idea - Add a Bird Play Pocket to your Playtrail)
Anne L. Stamm was an extremely active longtime member of the Kentucky Ornithological Society (hereafter, The Society) who dedicated her life to promoting interest in birds. Ms. Stamm was particularly interested in involving children in bird study. The Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund was established in her memory to continue her efforts to educate Kentucky’s youth in regard to its avifauna and to build an interest therein. The following guidelines outline the process for obtaining funds of up to $500 for projects that fulfill the goals of this fund.
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Ohio Playground Grants:

ODNR - NatureWorks
Local governments can apply for up to 75 percent reimbursement grants (state funding) for acquisition, development, or rehabilitation of public park and recreation areas. The agency must have proper control (title or at least a 15-year non-revocable lease) to be eligible for a development or rehabilitation grant. All projects must be completed within one-and-a-half to two years.
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ODNR - Lake Erie Costal Management
Reimbursement is for up to 50% of matching funds. Projects must preserve, protect and enhance Lake Erie area coastal resources or improve public access to them. Projects may include waterfront revitalization, habitat restoration, and development of certain types of recreational facilities such as boardwalks, trails and observation decks.
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